Thanks to World Health Organization, and Indian Council Of Education Science Research for their Inspiration and support to run NEET 90 – Exclusive Special Studies Program

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NEET 90 – Exclusive Special Studies Program


24 hours/ Constant faculty guidance for NEET preparation:

If any student faces problem during study at his home he has to wait for the next teaching class (which may fall next day or next week) for the study solution. Sometimes, the student is even scared to ask the teacher for the solution out of fear or embarrassment. The main focus of our NEET 90 Super Exclusive Study Program is to give constant study guidance to the students even after the classroom sessions for NEET 2019 preparation. This is done by the co-ordinator* (constant faculty) who is the faculty for problem solving after classroom sessions. The constant faculty acts as the co-ordinator between residence to classroom and has report card records of daily tests of all the students. He interacts with parents and update parents about the progress of their child as well. Therefore, the student gets a constant study guidance and the doubt is cleared on the spot.

*Coordinator (constant faculty) will be a qualified and experienced faculty person to be deputed for a group of students who will act as a care taker cum official guardian and will function like a bridge in between students to teachers, students to parents. Coordinator prime responsibility is resolving all the academic issues on the spot either by self-teaching or by arranging the concern teacher on the spot.